Unblock any site and stay safe with Touch VPN. Connect securely to free VPN and one-click connection to quickly VPN too. No ad ware or malware to contend with, no need to mount software and there is no need for manual configuration. This free VPN service is definitely fast becoming the recommended choice for security mindful internet users.

A brand new technology that combines the advantages of a VPN (Virtual Individual Network) and an mobile device is named «Touch VPN». With this new technology you may use the same cost-free VPN you currently make use of on your computer/laptop, but allow your mobile unit to become part of your individual secure network. This allows you to surf the net on the go and stream media through your cell phone. If you are going on a trip and would like to surf the web while you are away from home an individual worry about being trapped by your ISP because your connection will be tunneled through a protected VPN server. You can even access any kind of site you normally carry out on your computer/laptop – which include social networking and banking sites – when you are on the go.

Although some claim that the brand new innovation can be nothing more than a bad deal, we have been testing this application on our test equipment and find it to be quite useful. The free VPN that comes standard with your OS will continue to work as expected, but since you want to take a look at the totally free VPN service plan you need to sign in to the established website, down load the latest consumer and install the application. This is where you can enter the log in information and connect with the VPN servers. This free VPN support works just as well as any paid out VPN supplier, so if you are thinking best antivirus for android of switching to another provider down the road you would be spending money. For the moment though, users of Feel VPN are happy with the functionality and enjoy quicker web searching speeds and real-time internet access.